When to Sweep

If you are like me and  often put off these not so glamorous  tasks… waiting for some mysterious cleaning fairy to do them for me -she has yet to arrive .Chimney is one of those tasks on my list.While I like to think this bad habit is harmless ,I know better.A clogged ,dirty chimney is not unsightly but also dangerous for my family .There are numbers of reasons to clean it but number one is because of CREOSOTE.Every time you burn logs ,there is probably some buildup creosote in the chimney as a result .On the other hand if you burn optimal firewood it will minimise that amount of creosote.It is my advice to burn properly seasoned logs,which as you know are properly dried and have low moisture content.That same creosote can corrode your chimney and cause chimney fires ,which is a big no no .Sometimes that wire mash around chimney cap can be coated with soot from last winter’s fires,which can also corrode the mash and allow animals and birds to enter,imagine few ravens flying around your lovely sitting room….-no thank you.

Even if you think you didn’t  use your fireplace as often last winter ,an inspection won’t do you any harm ,better safe than sorry .

Schedule your chimney sweep.Write it down in your calendar.

Here is your guide when to sweep:

  • Smokeless fuel -once a year
  • Coal-twice a year
  • wood burning-quarterly 
  • Gas-once a year
  • Oil fired -once a year.

Later folks xxx