Fireman Sam

August is here and  the weather is slowly changing  ,we had few nice sunny  days this summer but unfortunately it hasn’t lasted for long . Many people are lighting their fires or wood burners for the first time in a few months. Before you make the inaugural fire of the winter, it is important that you get your chimney swept. If you can’t listen to me bragging about it over and over ,I have consulted with the fire department and here is what they have to say on the subject. Please find few minutes to read it ,it will give you great insight about chimney sweeps

Carbon Monoxide


Find A Trusted Chimney Sweep
It is important that you find an accredited, qualified chimney sweep. Failure to have your chimney properly swept by a professional could put your home at risk and could invalidate your insurance.  On completion, a professional sweeping company will be able to give you a certificate to show that your chimney has been swept in accordance with recommendations and is safe for use. You may need to forward a copy of this certificate to your home insurance   you can check your policy or contact your insurance broker .

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